There is a Green Hill Far Away

There is a Green Hill Far Away

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There is a green hill far away

Oremus Hymnal:

There is a green hill far away,

outside a city wall,

where our dear Lord was crucified

who died to save us all.

We may not know, we cannot tell,

what pains he had to bear,

but we believe it was for us

he hung and suffered there.

He died that we might be forgiven,

he died to make us good,

that we might go at last to heaven,

saved by his precious blood.

There was no other good enough

to pay the price of sin,

he only could unlock the gate

of heaven and let us in.

O dearly, dearly has he loved!

And we must love him too,

and trust in his redeeming blood,

and try his works to do.

Words: Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-1895), 1848

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Revolution Brewing in Portugal

Where rEVOLutions Begin

Revolution Brewing in Portugal

Coming to a city near you soon

The Portuguese Revolution of 25th April 1974

The Carnation Revolution

A military backed non-violent revolution!

Grandola, Vila Morena:” is a Portuguese song by Zeca  Afonso, that tells of the fraternity among the people of Grandola, a town in the Alentejo.

Dictator Salazar’s Estado New regime considered the song to be associated with Communism, and as a result it was banned from being played or broadcast.

On April 25, 1974, at 12:15AM the song was broadcast on Portuguese radio as a signal to start the revolution that overthrew the regime; it thus became commonly associated with the Carnation Revolution and the beginning of democratic rule in Portugal.

Grandola, vila morena

Terra da fraternidade

O povo e quem mais ordena

Dentro de ti, o cidade

Dentro de ti, o cidade

O povo e quem mais ordena

Terra da fraternidade

Grandola, vila morena

Em cada esquina um amigo

Em cada rosto igualdade

Grandola, vila morena

Terra da fraternidade


Grandola, earthy town

Land of brotherhood

‘Tis the people who command the most

Inside of you, o city

Inside of you, o city

‘Tis the people who command the most

Land of brotherhood

Grandola, earthy town

On every corner, a friend

In every face, equality

Grandola, earthy town

Land of brotherhood

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Lambs to the Slaughter

Lambs to the Slaughter

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Lambs to the Slaughter

Pension Theft: Higher Taxes: Reduced Salaries: and So Much More!

Jose Socrates departure leaves Portugal in a vacuum: (But he’s alright)

Whether the prime minister resigned for reasons of honour or strategy, Portugal’s future is now bleaker.

Joana Gorjao Henriques, Thursday 24 March 2011 12.43 GMT

Portugal’s Prime Minister José Socrates announces his resignation after parliament rejected his government’s austerity measures.

Whatever you make of the factors that drove the Portuguese prime minister, Jose Socrates, to resign, the conclusion is that the future of his country now looks much bleaker. The national bailout has to be closer than ever. And, on top of an economic and financial crisis, there’s a political crisis with unpredictable consequences.

Socrates was leading one of the poorest Eurozone countries with chronic economic problems. He was also watching over a socialist minority government, a parliament under tension, a fierce relationship with the recently re-elected conservative president Cavaco Silva, and an increasingly disgruntled youth that had started to air its frustration on the streets.

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Son of Man

Son of Man

Son of Man

Christ is risen from the dead!

Dying, he conquered death;

To the dead, he has given life.

The phrase ‘son of man‘ is a primarily Semitic idiom that originated in Ancient Mesopotamia, used to denote humanity or self. The phrase is also used in Judaism and Christianity.

The phrase used in the Greek, translated as Son of man is ὁ υἱὸς τοὺ ἀνθρώπου. As an idiom for the future human, it can be translated gender-neutrally as offspring of Mankind, or Man’s child.

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Where Giants Once Roamed

Dinosaur Fossils Found in Sesimbra

Where Giants Once Roamed

National Park Serra da Arrabida, Portugal

Where Giants Once Roamed. A brand new country manor with guest house located in the hills of a Portuguese national treasure, the Serra da Arrabida National Park. These magnificent properties lie within stones throw of the beautiful Blue Coast of Portugal and her kilometres of untainted beaches.

Main Residence (700m2 on three floors)

Guest House (99m2)

Swimming Pool 11m x 5m

The Property also includes…

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Fit for a Lord

Country Life by the Sea

Fit for a Lord

The National Park of Serra da Arrabida

Country Manor with 100.000m2Living Area (580 m2) on three floors

Basement (171 m2)

Swimming Pool (13m x 6m) with Salt Water Treatment with PH Control

Annex (68 m2)

Ground Floor (206 m2)

Attic (203 m2)

The Property has been built and maintained to the highest standards and includes …

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Chipping the Black Sheep of the Family

You may laugh now, but you’re turn will come

Chipping the Black Sheep of the Family

So I didn’t have choice! First they chipped the farm animals, then they chipped our pets; Then in the name of security our children chipped are vexed. It was extended from the prisons, first worn around the leg and now it’s yours and my turn, whatever will be next?

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