Fertile Farmland Multiple Properties

Fertile Farmland Multiple Properties

Fertile Farmland with Multiple Properties in Alentejo

Beja, Alentejo, 7800, Portugal

188 hectares  Beja (Baixo Alentejo) for agricultural development or rural tourism

This domain is formed by four independently registered sub-domains, 5km away from the centre of Beja and between the rural towns of Vila-Azedo (north) and Padrão (south).

The Domain:

Two homesteads (montes):

The first homestead (750m2) is situated on top of a hill and has a house and storehouse, presently used for agricultural tools. The house would require considerable renovation works.

The second homestead (385m2) is a collection of four rural buildings situated inside an orchard with a stable, pigpen and cowshed. This typical Portuguese house would also require renovation works.

Detached house (100m2) located besides the rural town of Vila Azedo and local road.

Two homesteads (500m2) in ruins in need of total restoration.


Soil quality: Ranked as the second best in Alentejo Baixo.

Water natural sources: The northern sector of the property is crossed by a brook and two boreholes with water-pumps which provide enough water to irrigate the orchard and nearby fields.

Water artificial sources: Alqueva’s irrigation grid provide a regular water supply to this domain which is already equipped with a terminal for water-intensive cultures.

Subsoil / Mineral resources: A pyrite and chalcopyrite mine (Fe S2 and Cu Fe S2), is situated inside domain F59 (May become 5th sub-domain). Recent geophysical tests were concluded by an international mining company in collaboration with the Portuguese Geological Survey. Restarting exploitation will depend on its metals and future price trends. (Mindat.org)

Hunting: Every month during the hunting season, societies rent various plots within the domain, to shoot partridge, hare, pheasant and wild hog.

Pastures: Rented to shepherds, who bring in their sheep and cattle for grazing

Electric power:  Available at the two main sites (montes) via a middle-voltage line (10’ 000 Volts) which fortunately crosses the farm.

Wheat production:

Olive trees (1,097): (A number of olive-trees are more than a thousand years old)

Cork Oak trees (115): provide a €4,000 annual income

Orchard: 12.4 acres (5 hectares) orange and mandarin which produce exceptionally juicy and sweet fruit (laranja verde-espanha and laranja-baía).

Total construction area                   1’735 m2


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