Enotourism River Douro Portugal

Enotourism River Douro Portugal

Vineyard with Enotourism River Douro

3 Hectares of land

600m2 Main house (7 bedrooms)

Barn conversion into a Duplex Studio Apartment

Adega – Wine House

Mature gardens

Main house – 3 suites, 4 beds, various living and lounge areas, 7 WCs, loft, fully equipped kitchen with wood stove, gas central heating and 4 fireplaces

Adega Capacity               30,000 litres of green wine

Plus                                       2,000 litres of green wine “tinto”

50 minutes from Porto

300 metres from the River Douro

5km from the marina along the River Douro and tours

The property currently operates as a delightful Enotourism destination and gives the opportunity to expand the business

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