Alentejo Luxury Property Portugal

Alentejo Luxury Property Portugal. Monte Estremoz, Evora. Magnificent residence near the marble town of Estremoz

Alentejo Luxury Property Portugal

Alentejo Luxury Property Portugal

Monte Alentejo, Estremoz, Evora.

This magnificent residence near the marble town of Estremoz and in the district of the ancient Roman city of Evora boasts approximately 700m2 of living area and is located at the centre of beautiful and mature gardens which are set within 4 hectares of land.

The property boasts an outdoor swimming pool and support area of some 400m2 and is surrounded by a variety of fruit trees including figs, cork and shrubs.

The garden also has three separate water tanks which act as a water feature by adding a tranquil sound to the beautiful and natural environment.

The property comprises 4 suites, 3 double bedrooms, eight bathrooms, one water closet, amply sized living room, dining area, laundry, and service room.

The property has central heating throughout with four of the bedrooms benefiting from air conditioning.

The property boasts a number of annexes, two bore holes, one of 100 metres and the other of 40 metres.

The residence also has a separate gas tank storage area located at the exterior of the property.

This property may be used either as a commercially orientated guest house or simply as one’s country residence. In either case the opportunity to purchase the wonderful property in the heart of Alentejo presents excellent value for money and should be a wise medium to long term investment.