Luxury Home Quinta do Peru

Luxury Home Quinta do Peru

Luxury Home in Quinta do Peru

Energy efficient villa, built with high-end materials that gives the home great charm and personality.

Located on the prestigious Quinta do Peru Golf & Country Club, this townhouse is located a mere 30 min drive from Lisbon. With more than 250 sq. metres of footprint, built on a 1,311 sq. metres land area, its facilities include a prestigious 18-hole golf course, a training golf course, tennis courts and 24-hour security.

This “Parkland” course has been marvellously integrated in the landscape with the Arrabida Hills, a very few miles away from some heavenly beaches (i.e. Sesimbra, Arrabida, Meco).

This charming villa, has the peculiarity of being constructed with only 3 elements:

  • Floors: handmade bricks
  • Walls: cement
  • Walls and some ceilings: Nordic Pine

It’s orientation of East-South-West axis means that it gets direct sunlight all day long.

It also has a radiant heating system (it heats directly from the floor) which runs with water and is pumped by a energy efficient boiler (it produces 4.7 kwh for every 1 kwh consumed.

The villa also has the following features:

  • 4 bedroom house (3 of which are suites)
  • Saltwater pool
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Automatic irrigation
  • Porch with enough space for 2 cars
  • Wooden shed for gardening tools
  • Laundry/service area


Built in: 2001

Typology: V4

Bathrooms 4

Footprint: 300 sq. metres

Net area: 258 sq. metres

Total land area: 1.311 sq. metres

Condition: excellent
Other features:

  • Countryside/mountain view
  • Garden
  • Balcony
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Gated community

Energetic certificate: available soon

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XVI Century Manor Home Barcelos

Property in Barcelos for Sale

XVI Century Manor Home Barcelos

Magnificent XVI Century property in the heart of Minho, Barcelos, North Portugal

Twenty minutes to the beach and mountains

This historic Manor House consists of three homes with a total area of 1,309m2 which are positioned within a large mature garden of 5,742m2

Main House over 3 floors with an area of 869m2, with a floor plan of 380 m2

9 en-suite bedrooms with an additional 3 bathrooms, 7 living rooms, 1 hall, 3 Kitchens, 1 Laundry room and additional service areas

Middle House over 2 floors with a building area of 238 m2

2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, kitchen and games room

Garden House with an area of 201 m2

3 en-suite bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 1 kitchen

Mature gardens with 2 Pools, Tennis Court and a garage for 2 cars

The properties are linked by recreational areas which allow the property to be used throughout the year and boast zoned central heating, a waste and water disposable system and solar power.


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Portugal for Sale

Image by Homes for Sale Portugal

Portugal for Sale

Portugal for Sale – The Country. Over the last couple of years we have seen an enormous increase in the amount of properties in Portugal for sale with the Algarve on the south west coast probably seeing the most activity. This is simply because many of the buyers over the last twenty years or so have been the second home buyer and tourist who have frequented and enjoyed this part of Portugal.

It is not only property in Portugal for sale, but also an increasing amount of debt which has been offered both to the internal and overseas investor alike, with Portugal recently having to ask help from the international institutions simply not to default on their interest payments.

In order to reduce their liability the Portuguese Government have also sold some of their patrimony whilst at the same time off loading quite a substantial chunk of their gold reserves.

With some interest rates on debt being paid at around 10% and more, there is the concern that like Ireland and Greece the economy will suffer long term which unfortunately bodes badly for the younger generations who may be straddled with debt for a very long time in to the future. There are concerns that the future of the one tier European Union is also in doubt.

With interest rates on the rise both on national and private debt the concern for higher inflation seems to be realistic, yet for the time being property prices still seem to be in decline.

This may prove to be an ideal, but limited buying opportunity as two opposing forces seem to be offering property in Portugal for sale at a reduced price; however when inflation takes hold property prices may firm and even rise which in turn will produce great value for the property owner and especially for those who hold property for rental income purposes.

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Man’s Fate Blowing in the Wind

Image by Homes for Sale Portugal

Man’s Fate Blowing in the Wind

The direction of the wind has played an important role in world history.

Let’s all pray that she favours the citizens of Japan and all other countries that may be affected by the contaminated fallout.

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Will the Spanish Armada be Defeated Again?

The Spanish Armada

 Image by Homes for Sale Portugal

Will the Spanish Armada be Defeated Again?

If Spain falls like Greece, Ireland and Portugal, (Whose economy is twice the size of the latter three together) what effect will it have on the Portuguese economy given that the Spanish own so much of it?

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There is a Green Hill Far Away

There is a Green Hill Far Away

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There is a green hill far away

Oremus Hymnal:

There is a green hill far away,

outside a city wall,

where our dear Lord was crucified

who died to save us all.

We may not know, we cannot tell,

what pains he had to bear,

but we believe it was for us

he hung and suffered there.

He died that we might be forgiven,

he died to make us good,

that we might go at last to heaven,

saved by his precious blood.

There was no other good enough

to pay the price of sin,

he only could unlock the gate

of heaven and let us in.

O dearly, dearly has he loved!

And we must love him too,

and trust in his redeeming blood,

and try his works to do.

Words: Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-1895), 1848

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Revolution Brewing in Portugal

Where rEVOLutions Begin

Revolution Brewing in Portugal

Coming to a city near you soon

The Portuguese Revolution of 25th April 1974

The Carnation Revolution

A military backed non-violent revolution!

Grandola, Vila Morena:” is a Portuguese song by Zeca  Afonso, that tells of the fraternity among the people of Grandola, a town in the Alentejo.

Dictator Salazar’s Estado New regime considered the song to be associated with Communism, and as a result it was banned from being played or broadcast.

On April 25, 1974, at 12:15AM the song was broadcast on Portuguese radio as a signal to start the revolution that overthrew the regime; it thus became commonly associated with the Carnation Revolution and the beginning of democratic rule in Portugal.

Grandola, vila morena

Terra da fraternidade

O povo e quem mais ordena

Dentro de ti, o cidade

Dentro de ti, o cidade

O povo e quem mais ordena

Terra da fraternidade

Grandola, vila morena

Em cada esquina um amigo

Em cada rosto igualdade

Grandola, vila morena

Terra da fraternidade


Grandola, earthy town

Land of brotherhood

‘Tis the people who command the most

Inside of you, o city

Inside of you, o city

‘Tis the people who command the most

Land of brotherhood

Grandola, earthy town

On every corner, a friend

In every face, equality

Grandola, earthy town

Land of brotherhood

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